Site Guide

Please read the below information about myself, and my history and passion for walking and the great outdoors in general.

About Me

Hello and welcome to my website, I love walking and being outdoors as much as I can. For me, walking as always been a part of my life, when I was a kid, it wasn't so much "mum I'm going on a hike" it was just playing out or "going on a mish". Me, my two brothers would be out from around 9am till 9pm during weekends and holidays, only coming home either to eat or because we would hear our mother screaming from over yonder, "You three, get in". We would be out building dens, dams or just having fun with our friends, but I swear we were always well behaved! I suppose as I got older and into my late teens and early twenties the alure of drinking and recreational drugs where my focus. I met my girlfriend 2008 and we have been together ever since, we now have three beautiful, amazing children, Oliver, Phoebe and Toby. My family are everything to me, and my number one priority in life. We love to spend our weekends exploring the park and walking through the woods, it’s refreshing as a family to get outside, when possible, it really helps us unwind and get out of the house.

About my Website

To share my passion for walking I wanted to create a site that people would enjoy reading and looking at my photographs. I love getting out and about in Lancashire and so I wanted to document my walks and put them online. I tend to walk already published walks, as to be honest I don't know how to read a map or use a GPS device. I love reading the guide books and following other peoples routes, but most websites tend to be old fashioned or built my non-technical people so are hard to navigate. With my job being a website designer I wanted to use my skills for my personal website. 

About my Walks

All walks on this website have been walked my me, usually more than once. I wanted to write the walking guides as a more personal guide with funny anecdotes rather than the usual boring robotic descriptions you find elsewhere. I love photography and while I dont really know anything about cameras I do love taking them whilst I am on my hikes, whether it's something of importance like a landmark on the walk or just something I find interesting.

Walking Routes Gradings

I tend to use the same grade as the guide unless I think it's particulary wrong. I mean I am not exactly Mr Motivator so if I find the walk easy and it's been marked as Moderate, I will tend to change it - and the other way round too. But in general I would grade my walks like the following:

Easy = A straightforward walk with no difficulty. Less than 5 miles in length and less than 300 meters of climbing.
Moderate = A walk of 5 miles and over and less than 10 miles and/or 300 - 599 metres of climbing.

Hard = A walk of 10 - 17.9 miles and/or 600 - 999 metres of climbing.
Strenuous = A walk of 18 miles or more and/or at least 1,000 metres of climbing.
Technical = Any walk which requires exposed ridge walking, scrambling, water crossing, etc. These walks carry explanations in the report.

Feedback and Suggestions

I am always happy to hear feedback and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my site then please get in touch using the form on Avid Rambler Feedback Form. This can just be telling me that you think my website sucks or to let me know that a building site has popped in the middle of a public footpath and the route needs changing.