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#NatureForEveryone - Our new campaign to influence 'Levelling Up' reforms launches

21 February 2022

The Ramblers has today (21st Feb) joined over 60 organisations, including experts in nature, public health, access and equality, to launch a new ‘nature for everyone’ campaign. We’re calling for access to nature to be a key part of the UK Government’s ‘Levelling Up’ reforms.

Nature for Everyone

The joy of walking in nature is a simple, universal pleasure. But, for millions of people, it’s still out of reach. New research by Wildlife and Countryside Link, released today, found that 85% of people in nature-deprived areas say more natural spaces would improve their quality of life.

So many of us are in desperate need of a dose of nature, for health and wellbeing. Improving access to nature would particularly benefit those on a low income and those who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnicity. Our research in 2020 showed that people from these groups are less likely to have green space within a five-minute walk of their home.

Influencing the Levelling Up reforms

The UK Government’s Levelling Up reforms have the opportunity to improve access to nature for everyone. We want everyone, everywhere to be able to enjoy the outdoors on foot. That’s why we’re calling for equal access to nature to be a key success measure of Levelling Up.

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Local Communities recently published (Feb 2022) its Levelling Up White Paper, which outlined the Government’s ambition. In response, we have launched a petition and written to Secretary of State Michael Gove calling for the Government to: 

make equal access to thriving natural spaces a key measure of success
set legal duties in legislation for developers and public bodies to provide equal access to nature-rich green and blue spaces for everyone
provide funding for locally-accessible nature-rich spaces including extending the Levelling Up Fund to green and blue infrastructure projects.

Help more people to experience the joy of walking

Sign our petition to support the campaign. Together, we can help more people to boost their health and wellbeing naturally, by improving everyone’s access to nature.